About Us

PMC is the ONLY Authorized Distributor of Tokico System Solutions, Ltd. (formerly Hitachi Automotive Systems Measurement, Ltd.) of Japan in the Philippines. As the official Distributor, PMC covers all regions in the Philippines to provide sales and marketing, including after-sale support and maintenance of Tokico Dispensing Pumps, spare parts, and other products.


To do our business with the highest integrity, accuracy, provide reliable products and
services to the industry while creating opportunities for the community.


To be the most trusted and reliable business partner in the industry.



Who we are

Persons behind PMC have extensive knowledge in Petroleum Service Station operations, retail and wholesale of fuel, lubricants, and LPG. With in-depth training on the oil dispensing process from underground tanks to the nozzle of the Fuel Dispenser.

Supported with years of experience in the petroleum industry, substantial network, and marketing expertise, Powerport Marketing Corporation is now bringing quality and reliable Gasoline Station equipment, fuel and LPG dispensers in the country.

What We Do

  • Distribution of Superior Petroleum Equipments and Accessories including after-sale support
  • Sale and Marketing of petroleum products such as Fuel, Lubricant, and LPG
  • Outsourcing of products from local or other countries
  • Planning, Design, and Construction of Service Stations
  • Underground Tank and Tanker Truck fabrication